This blog is about our travels and here is a short introduction to who we are:

We are a couple in our very late twenties, from the small but cozy country of Denmark.

Martin is my, mostly, very patient boyfriend and travel companion through 12 years, who just turned 30 – luckily without any fears of the big three-o. He is a computer engineer with a passion for the great outdoors, traveling, politics, science and astronomy. After 7 years of working and travelling he is now currently doing an MBA at Thailand’s number one university: Chulalongkorn.

I am Lærke, more often know as Lily (people outside of Denmark just can’t say Lærke so Lily is just so much easier). I am a 28 year old Dane who feels just as home in Southeast Asia as in Denmark. Before, during and after completing a BA in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Copenhagen, I traveled extensively; mostly in Asia but also in the Middle East and Africa. I have resided in Indonesia both in Bali where I studied the Indonesian language, and in Jakarta where I recently did an internship at the Royal Danish Embassy. I am currently living in Bangkok and before starting a MA program in International Development Studies at Chulalongkorn University, I try to cram in as much travelling in this beautiful region, as many Thai lessons and hours spent volunteering at a local orphanage as I possibly can. A major passion in my life is photography and I love documenting all the beautiful craziness going on around me.

Why do we travel? In general to broaden our horizons, there is nothing we like better than to have preconceived negative stereotypes and notions shattered by positive and eye-opening experiences. As most travelers we enjoy experiencing new places and cultures, to meet new people and to try new kinds of food. We also travel to not “get stuck” in everyday life, we are both conscious about getting everything we can out of life, really to experience it to the fullest. We have made a decision to live a life without the 9-5, house, car, dog etc. Instead we focus on more time together – and travelling, lots of travelling!

How is it to travel as a couple? It is a fantastic thing to do as a couple because with each new experience we grow together. Also it is great to have someone to share the experiences with, and it is a huge plus to have someone by your side that really knows you, and your strength and weaknesses. Also because you travel with the one you love you don’t feel as far as way from home as you might otherwise feel, ‘cause really home is where the heart is. A few months ago we settled in Bangkok to pursue our master degrees and before that we have lived in Indonesia - things we could only imagine doing together.
We plan on continuing this lifestyle, also when we’ll hopefully have a kid or two in tow :)

We were travelling before we started blogging here on MyTrails, I’ve written a post about the very first trip we took together – a one month roadtrip through Europe and about my solo trip to India – my first time outside of Europe. Read more about them here: Our very first trips


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