Video: Six Days in Paradise
Koh Kood, Thailand, 2013-11-20 12:00 by Laerke
Martin had a week off from school and we decided to check out Koh Kood, an island off the Thai coast near the Cambodian border. We’ve actually been to Koh Kood once before eight years ago, but I couldn’t remember much from that visit, back then we island hopped through Koh Chang, Ko Kham, Koh Mak and Koh Kood and all the islands have sort of blurred together in my memory. So, we didn’t really know what to expect – but as you may have guessed from the headline – it was great! The most beautiful, clear blue water and we had a lot of time to just relax, exactly what we needed.


In between lounging on the deckchairs we did find time to be a bit more active. We went kayaking, both in the ocean, and in the khlong among the mangroves – which turned out to be pretty cool, as the khlong got increasingly narrow it felt more and more like an adventure. We also snorkeled a bit, the snorkeling wasn’t great unfortunately but there was still some fish and a bit of coral to see, and it was right off the beach where we were staying so I still went out snorkeling a few times. After a few days I got tired of the race to the deckchairs and being so close together with the other guests at our hotel, most of the guests were very nice but there was one loud Chinese family and some chain-smoking Russians that started to grind a bit on the nerves… Solution – rent a motorbike and explore the island! We had a couple of great days with the motorbike, we visited a gorgeous waterfall that we were lucky enough to hit right in between two Russian tour groups – score! We do like our peace and quiet :) And somebody had been stupid enough to give the Russians whistles!?


We also found a couple of pretty deserted beaches and one in particular that was just drop-dead gorgeous! It might have been the perfect beach if it hadn’t been for a very cranky Thai man that might have been some kind of caretaker – and MUCH worse – sandflies!! Martin and I have a LOT of respect for sandflies after we got bitten so badly on a beach in Malaysia years back, so once we discovered the first sand-fly bites we reluctantly left the beach.

The almost perfect beach...

We’ve put together a video of our six days in paradise – please have a look below.

We had a great time on the island and were sad to leave, but we left more relaxed and more tan than when we got there – and with an itchy array of bites! The sand-fly bites were quickly joined by a few mosquito, flea and even ant bites! Oh well, they quickly stopped itching again :)

Getting there:
It took us 9 hours approximately door to door to reach our hotel on Koh Kood, we left from Bangkok’s Victory Monument on the 06.00 minibus and reached our bungalow at Koh Kood Resort at 15.00. A long trip, but pretty easy. The minibus was 300baht per person. We had an unscheduled change of minibus somewhere along the way, but were soon on our way again and were dropped off at the town square in Trat where we quickly found the Express Ferry Service saleswoman, the ferry ticket is 350baht and that includes a Songtaew to the pier and, once on the island, a Songtaew to your hotel.